Principal's Message


Dear Parents,
It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you back to school!              
I welcome all students that are new to C. L. Milton!

I am thankful and blessed to have been selected to lead this wonderful student body, teachers and staff. I have been serving students in our educational system for 30 years. My goal year after year has been that all our stake holders work towards a vision of commitment and high standards.

We have many exciting initiatives for this school year. One of them is to provide recognitions and incentives for those students who meet the “Triple A” challenge (Academics, Attendance and Accelerated Reader). We want to celebrate your child’s successes!

It is extremely important that your child attend school every day. When they are not here, they lose out. Attached you have an attendance plan. Please speak to your child about the plan and all the wonderful ways that they can receive recognition or incentives for being in school. As a reminder, the district requires a justification for each absence within 5 days. Excessive unexcused absences will be handled on a case by case basis; however, note that court action can be taken if unexcused absences are in excess of 10 or more.

Safety is our priority. We kindly ask that you adhere to the speed limit at drop off and pick up. In addition, be cautious and alert as you drive off as we have over 900 students that need arrive to their destinations safely. Please ensure that you have a form of identification before entering the building.

Our highly qualified teachers and staff are ready to embrace each child as their student; but in reality, not all students return to our school. We have however been busily registering students for about 2 weeks. In an effort to balance the number of students in each class, students may possibly be moved to another classroom. I would like to assure you that all our teachers are ready and able to work very diligently with each and every student. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this endeavor.

I humbly ask you to volunteer at our school and possibly take part in the PTO.         

 If you should have any questions, please come by. Please call the school at 956-273-4200 to set up an appointment. Go Unicorns!


 Flor Irene Diaz

Proud Principal of C. L. Milton

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