Atomic Learning Videos 2017-2018

Atomic Learning Videos: 2017-2018

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1. Image Creation with Explain Everything
2. Webinar: iPad screencasting and more with Explain Everyting
3. Video Feedback: Google Drive & Explain Everything
4. Using PDF's from the web with Explain Everything.

5. Ipad Apps in the classroom
6.Storyteller: Intro and basics
7.Storyteller: Pages
8.Storyteller: Particles and backgrounds
9.Storyteller: Menus
10.Storyteller: Image overlays
11.Storytellers: Interactions
12. Storyteller: In-app purchases

13.The iBooks Interface
14.Using the Kindle App for the iPad
15.Managing the Kindle App Library
16. Exlporing the EPUB and PDF formatted reading materials
17. The Kindle eReader interface
18. Managing your Kindle Library